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Definition of freeze:

  1. A frieze.
  2. The act of congealing, or the state of being congealed.
  3. To become chilled with cold, or as with cold; to suffer loss of animation or life by lack of heat; as, the blood freezes in the veins.
  4. To become congealed by cold; to be changed from a liquid to a solid state by the abstraction of heat; to be hardened into ice or a like solid body.
  5. To cause loss of animation or life in, from lack of heat; to give the sensation of cold to; to chill.
  6. To congeal; to harden into ice; to convert from a fluid to a solid form by cold, or abstraction of heat.


blank out, briskness, chilled/frozen to the bone, restriction, melt away, kibosh, not move a muscle, suppress, cutaway, stuff, stall, buffer, hoarfrost, clog, freezing, decode, cold wave, forget, abort, cesspit, limitation, obstruct, dry, kill, shut off, congeal, be/get bogged down, solidify, homogenize, pin, cut out, blockade, regulation, cut into, close up, stymie, demarcation, hold back, run down, hitch, choke up, frost, dehydrate, carry, cutting room, conduit, fall behind, emulate, numb, arrest, control, stamp out, lug, harden, freeze down, downspout, check, stoppage, culvert, discourage, stop dead, trap, impede, cold spell, lose out, constriction, set aside, depress, draw a blank, dampen, ice over, fix, curtailment, bite, debar, back up, dub, falter, break, stymy, glare ice, marginalization, kill off, warm, wind chill, block, tread water, cold snap, frosty, animation, hoar, immobilise, dub out, corrupt, airlock, sharp, cutoff, blockage, direction, boot, nuclear winter, immobilize, interfere with, deliver, hinder, crash, barricade, come to a full stop, hard, not be getting/going anywhere, lag, deep freeze, be no further forward, come to a stop, nip, flash-freeze, be getting/going nowhere fast, embarrass, black ice, go down, cure, pull to a stop/halt, occlude, snap, cut, display, squeeze out, melt, bar, pierce, block off, dub in, icicle, defrost, freeze out, dishearten, thaw, jam, stiffen, come to rest, go off, halt, suspend, dehydration, heat, icy, burn out, break down, a nip in the air, freeze up, obturate, rime, parry, close, icing, irradiate, frozen, shivery, containment, direct, deflect, fail, block up, dub over.

Usage examples: