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Definition of friendly:

  1. A friendly person; - usually applied to natives friendly to foreign settlers or invaders.
  2. Appropriate to, or implying, friendship; befitting friends; amicable.
  3. Having the temper and disposition of a friend; disposed to promote the good of another; kind; favorable.
  4. In the manner of friends; amicably; like friends.
  5. Not hostile; as, a friendly power or state.
  6. Promoting the good of any person; favorable; propitious; serviceable; as, a friendly breeze or gale.


matey, helpful, appreciative, consolidate, approbatory, sports, especial, cozy, companionate, return, helping, affable, bosom, zero-sum game, salutary, near, golden, decisive, good-natured, benign, contact sport, hardball, big-hearted, loyal, handsome, beneficial, advantageous, favourable, sympathetic, beneficent, in the field, approbatory, approachable, paramilitary, benevolent, embattled, combine, benignant, genial, favorable, devastating, bonhomous, steadfast, warlike, amalgamate, hotly, neighbourly, applauding, accommodating, true, hot, likable, collegial, hail-fellow-well-met, commendatory, belligerent, the international community, support, demerge, benefic, the global village, intimate, in hand, unfriendly, good-humored, intergovernmental, neighborly, social, comfortable, extreme sport, game, exchange, militarized, accessible, fraternal, attentive, unoffensive, kindly, pally, love, couthie, buddy-buddy, kind, multinational, martial, multination, positive, informal, international relations, complimentary, tactical, hail-fellow, solid, amiable, solicitous, antagonistic, profitable, staunch, thick, attitude, indulgent, familiar, generous, accommodative, friendship, trusted, good, couthy, Bros., helpful, obliging, chummy, friend, well-disposed, lucky, prosperous, respectful, welcoming, inseparable, convincing, thick, competitive, military, cooperative, familiar, palsy-walsy, buy out, brotherly, civil, demerger, cordial, palsy, inward, approving, tight, comradely, away, contract out, dear, amalgamation, front-line, fast.

Usage examples: