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Definition of frippery:

  1. A place where old clothes are sold.
  2. Coast- off clothes.
  3. Hence: Secondhand finery; cheap and tawdry decoration; affected elegance.
  4. The trade or traffic in old clothes.
  5. Trifling; contemptible.


clowning, trifles, feather, best, frivolity, muck, bar billiards, finery, nothing, dreck, small change, rubbish, child's play, small beer, harlequinade, fiddle-faddle, attire, minutia, gewgaws, small potatoes, nonsense, important, japery, array, shuck, snake oil, finery, trumpery, gimmick, bagatelle, nonproblem, buffoonery, gaiety, put on, regalia, triviality, froth, trivia, frivolousness, caparison, glad rags, full dress, bravery, trifle, surface, fluff, frill, picayune, prank, white elephant.

Usage examples: