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Definition of fruitless:

  1. Lacking, or not bearing, fruit; barren; destitute of offspring; as, a fruitless tree or shrub; a fruitless marriage.
  2. Productive of no advantage or good effect; vain; idle; useless; unprofitable; as, a fruitless attempt; a fruitless controversy.


self-conceited, nugatory, empty, futile, inconstant, trifling, egotistic, swollen-headed, unsatisfying, vapid, unreal, sleeveless, shadowy, thrive, swollen, trivial, delusive, deceitful, null, worthless, bootless, otiose, unsubstantial, in vain, unavailing, used, unproductive, vain, study at futile, idle, unimportant, barren, visionary, unprofitable, conceited, egotistical, profitless, baseless.

Usage examples: