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Definition of fuel:

  1. Any matter used to produce heat by burning; that which feeds fire; combustible matter used for fires, as wood, coal, peat, etc.
  2. Anything that serves to feed or increase passion or excitement.
  3. To feed with fuel.
  4. To store or furnish with fuel or firing.


send away, stove coal, touchwood, displace, combustible, firing material, dismiss, elicit, solid propellant, kindling, turf, cordwood, give the sack, log, crude oil, sack, firewood, slabs, ammunition, can, paraffin, blocks, fire, timber, stoker coal, arouse, give notice, anthracite, fuel oil, furze, brown coal, give the axe, fossil fuel, terminate, discharge, bituminous coal, force out, lignite, burn down, natural gas, burn, diesel fuel, slack, faggot, carbon, kindle, provoke, evoke, waste products, energy source, petroleum, lump coal, raise, go off, alcohol, combustible material, enkindle, gasohol, ethanol, artificial gas, open fire.

Usage examples: