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Definition of fugitive:

  1. Fleeing from pursuit, danger, restraint, etc., escaping, from service, duty etc.; as, a fugitive solder; a fugitive slave; a fugitive debtor.
  2. Not fixed; not durable; liable to disappear or fall away; volatile; uncertain; evanescent; liable to fade; - applied to material and immaterial things; as, fugitive colors; a fugitive idea.
  3. One who flees from pursuit, danger, restraint, service, duty, etc.; a deserter; as, a fugitive from justice.
  4. Something hard to be caught or detained.


roving, deciduous, short, fence, continue, ephemeral, ambulatory, passing, absconder, fleet, flitting, fugacious, ambulant, momentary, outcast, conman, evasive, peregrine, runaway, vagabond, abductor, accessory, refugee, vagrant, fugitive from justice, brief, fly-by-night, short-lived, hunted person, bolter, momentaneous, seek, drug baron, flying, refugee, walkaway, flash, nomadic, Ishmael, truant, con woman, con artist, errant, transitory, fleer, arsonist, evanescent, escapee, nomad, escapee, deserter, shoo-in, wayfaring, exile, child molester, escaped, fleeting, gallivanting, drug lord, waif, laugher, derelict, time, impermanent, romp, slippery, wandering, blowout, transient, stray, temporal, peripatetic, temporary, perambulatory, roaming, ranging.

Usage examples: