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Definition of fulfil:

  1. To complete or carry into effect; to perform what is promised, expected, or foretold; to bring to pass; to answer, as a purpose or design.


satiate, discharge, assemble, gather, occupy, action, follow up, realize, run across, transact, attain, cope with, put to death, fill, carry through, encounter, accomplish, suffer, make full, sue, save, actualize, bring through, adjoin, gratify, reach, carry out, take on, go through, complete, implement, bring to pass, converge, run into, pull through, foregather, conform to, take, replete, do, follow through, match, put through, come across, live up to, see, follow out, meet, work out, bring about, fit, receive, contact, finish, litigate, touch, process, fill up, run, commit, achieve, perform, get together, satisfy, execute, fulfill, sate, forgather, effect, perpetrate, consummate, play.

Usage examples: