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Definition of fulminate:

  1. A fulminating powder.
  2. A salt of fulminic acid. See under Fulminic.
  3. To cause to explode.
  4. To issue or send forth decrees or censures with the assumption of supreme authority; to thunder forth menaces.
  5. To thunder; hence, to make a loud, sudden noise; to detonate; to explode with a violent report.
  6. To utter or send out with denunciations or censures; - said especially of menaces or censures uttered by ecclesiastical authority.


vilify, touch off, inveigh, revile, explosion, explode, threaten, rail, denounce, detonate, blast, train, bluster, vituperate, rail in, upbraid, menace, condemn, curse, burst, censure, blow up, fire, rail off, discharge, go off.

Usage examples: