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Definition of fume:

  1. Anything vaporlike, unsubstantial, or airy; idle conceit; vain imagination.
  2. Exhalation; volatile matter ( esp. noxious vapor or smoke) ascending in a dense body; smoke; vapor; reek; as, the fumes of tobacco.
  3. Rage or excitement which deprives the mind of self- control; as, the fumes of passion.
  4. Solid material deposited by condensation of fumes; as, lead fume ( a grayish powder chiefly lead sulphate).
  5. The incense of praise; inordinate flattery.
  6. To be as in a mist; to be dulled and stupefied.
  7. To be in a rage; to be hot with anger.
  8. To expose to the action of fumes; to treat with vapors, smoke, etc.; as, to bleach straw by fuming it with sulphur; to fill with fumes, vapors, odors, etc., as a room.
  9. To pass off in fumes or vapors.
  10. To praise inordinately; to flatter.
  11. To smoke; to throw off fumes, as in combustion or chemical action; to rise up, as vapor.
  12. To throw off in vapor, or as in the form of vapor.


smack, simmer, smoking, hummer, stink, sputter, fret, steam, swivet, sizzle, smoke, skunk, quiver with rage, pot, green goddess, roll of tobacco, smolder, bristle, do a slow burn, get hot under the collar, get mad, state, grass, fumigate, smell, sess, red, fastball, bullet, dope, reek, gage, tizzy, calm, sweat, chafe, sens, weed, heater, stew, locoweed.

Usage examples: