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Definition of funny:

  1. A clinkerbuit, narrow boat for sculling.
  2. Droll; comical; amusing; laughable.


umbrageous, absurd, grotesque, glad, rum, risible, fishy, quip, mistrustful, gleeful, hysterical, amusive, serious, curious, wary, killing, fantastic, unmated, derisory, ironic, odd, untrusting, louche, fly-by-night, remaining, leftover, humorous, sportive, ha-ha, oddly, diverting, quaint, strange, nonsensical, homophile, jolly, unpaired, mirthful, idiotic, strangely, queerly, crotchety, entertaining, antic, hilarious, comically, ill, jocose, laughter, amusing, funny remark, zany, suspect, special, weird, particular, left over, playful, peculiar, good-humored, unusual, funnily, preposterous, joke, jape, jesting, unexpended, questionable, singular, funny story, laughing, blithe, witticism, good story, cockeyed, comical, rich, sick, suspicious, shadowy, leery, uneven, farcical, shadowed, remarkable, usual, left, priceless, humourous, comic, jovial, ridiculous, laughable, merry, rummy, shady, jest, sad, gay, unmatched, comedic, queer, whimsical, gag, ludicrous, jocund, uproarious.

Usage examples:

  • It must have been very funny."

    - "East of the Shadows", Mrs. Hubert Barclay.
  • " That's funny," said Bunny.

    - "Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue", Laura Lee Hope.
  • It was funny- life was funny.

    - "Undertow", Kathleen Norris.