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Definition of fuss:

  1. A tumult; a bustle; unnecessary or annoying ado about trifles.
  2. One who is unduly anxious about trifles.
  3. To be overbusy or unduly anxious about trifles; to make a bustle or ado.


gall, con game, fluttering, pain, father, confidence trick, rub, rough-and-tumble, eat into, flimflam, excitement, brabble, tussle, squabble, grate, botheration, choke, dither, scratch, pain in the neck, gaiter, flaps, beget, snow flurry, flapping, fret, calm, tizzy, bother, tiff, worry, confidence game, engender, annoyance, splash, overprotect, gag, pain in the ass, get, hustle, stir, chafe, bunko game, pettifog, infliction, bring forth, confusion, praise, con, pick on, bunko, gyp, flurry, carp at, peck at, to-do, niggle, quibble, henpeck, fray, flutter, sire, spat, bickering, nag, pettifoggery, flap, bunco game, ado, problem, sting, eat away, uproar, bicker, difficulty, pother, easy, erode, action, generate, trouble, rankle, dogfight, hassle, complaint, scuffle, mother, bunco, bustle.

Usage examples:

  • What a fuss to make over a dead cat.

    - "Know Thy Neighbor", Elisabeth R. Lewis.
  • She made no fuss.

    - "The Card, A Story Of Adventure In The Five Towns", Arnold Bennett.
  • But Rosco's fuss- rate at 'splainin' of 'em.

    - "The Madman and the Pirate", R.M. Ballantyne.