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Definition of fussy:

  1. Making a fuss; disposed to make an unnecessary ado about trifles; overnice; fidgety.


querulous, transverse, embossed, decorative, newborn, particular, loving, finical, fussbudgety, finicky, bedizened, moody, meddling, special, florid, simple, emblazoned, gingerbreaded, gingerbread, irascible, cluttered, crowded, irritable, bedecked, full-term, crabby, meddlesome, bejeweled, short-tempered, thwartwise, crabbed, grouchy, grumpy, nice, fancy, delicately, sensitive, busy, bouncing, cranky, temperamental, bad-tempered, beaded, interfering, colicky, peculiar, engaged, overdecorated, overwrought, fastidious, especial, ill-tempered, exceptional, ill-natured, busybodied, accept, fractious, touchy, officious, finicking, transversal, pernickety, gingerbready, old-maidish, chintzy, hot-tempered, premature, stillborn, in use, cross.

Usage examples: