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Definition of futility:

  1. The quality of being talkative; talkativeness; loquaciousness; loquacity.
  2. The quality of producing no valuable effect, or of coming to nothing; uselessness.


falseness, pointlessness, bootlessness, beating the air, lost trouble, thrive, hopelessness, carrying coals to Newcastle, hollowness, insubstantiality, vanity, purposelessness, unimportance, emptiness, frivolity, falsity, unprofitableness, carrying water in a sieve, want of substance, triviality, meaninglessness, worthlessness, vanity, vainness, used, running around in circles, labor of Sisyphus, unprofitableness, wild-goose chase, folly, bootlessness, sowing the sand, idleness, labor in vain, illusion, vainness, unavailingness.

Usage examples: