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Definition of gag:

  1. A mouthful that makes one retch; a choking bit; as, a gag of mutton fat.
  2. A speech or phrase interpolated offhand by an actor on the stage in his part as written, usually consisting of some seasonable or local allusion.
  3. Something thrust into the mouth or throat to hinder speaking.
  4. To cause to heave with nausea.
  5. To heave with nausea; to retch.
  6. To introduce gags or interpolations. See Gag, n., 3.
  7. To pry or hold open by means of a gag.
  8. To show mirth, satisfaction, or derision, by peculiar movement of the muscles of the face, particularly of the mouth, causing a lighting up of the face and eyes, and usually accompanied by the emission of explosive or chuckling sounds from the chest and throat; to indulge in laughter.
  9. To stop the mouth of, by thrusting sometimes in, so as to hinder speaking; hence, to silence by authority or by violence; not to allow freedom of speech to.


regorge, niggle, choke off, heft up, halter, waggery, cord, grate, cramp, go, rag, regurgitate, safety belt, one-liner, jape, exit, rib, wisecrack, arouse, cloy, carsick, hot, die, prank, twine, handcuff, heave up, choke, hush, vomit up, sally, cast, dirty tricks, eat into, quip, shackle, witticism, pleasantry, clog up, billow, strangle, practical joke, come up, foul, scrag, excite, clog, upchuck, spike, buy the farm, rope, erode, wheeze, pass, harness, purge, garrote, shine, josh, warp, hoax, chuck up, scratch, fuss, excited, perish, capriccio, rankle, shavie, chuck, fret, rub, smother, joke, buckle, trick, throttle, sick, throw up, cash in one's chips, fray, gall, truss, clip, yuk, laugh, yoke, gun muzzle, barf, hamper, chain, pop off, want, ruse, congest, silence, laughter, vomit, spew, kick the bucket, put-on, suppress, giggle, gasp, pass away, obstruct, heft, holder, honk, cable, kill, roguery, frolic, randy, repress, jocularity, drop dead, antic, monkeyshine, desire, puff, dido, muzzle, pant, be sick, subterfuge, crack, embargo, back up, puke, spue, disgorge, tether, bilious, stifle, asphyxiate, sexy, eat away, heave, bring up, chafe, cat, airsick, caper, snuff it, knavery, tie up, scheme, frisky, decease, boffola, boff, rubber band, funny, constrain, muffle, jest, give-up the ghost, croak, dodge, ha-ha, conk, nifty, drollery, string, sicken, retch, quiet, escapade, bloated, surge, ploy, strangulate, yak, expire, on the pull, suffocate.

Usage examples: