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Definition of gainsay:

  1. To contradict; to deny; to controvert; to dispute; to forbid.


deny, altercate, refute, contravene, contradict, affirm, scrap, oppose, disaffirm, quarrel, argufy, disclaim, negative, dispute, oppugn, controvert, negate, traverse, take exception, challenge, repudiate, disagree.

Usage examples:

  • Can you gainsay it, Mr. Shelby?

    - "The Henchman", Mark Lee Luther.
  • You can’ t gainsay it’ s my home.

    - "Krindlesyke", Wilfrid Wilson Gibson.
  • At Galvin House none dare gainsay these two in their pronouncements.

    - "Patricia Brent, Spinster", Herbert Jenkins.