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Definition of gallery:

  1. A frame, like a balcony, projecting from the stern or quarter of a ship, and hence called stern gallery or quarter gallery, - seldom found in vessels built since 1850.
  2. A long and narrow corridor, or place for walking; a connecting passageway, as between one room and another; also, a long hole or passage excavated by a boring or burrowing animal.
  3. A long and narrow platform attached to one or more sides of public hall or the interior of a church, and supported by brackets or columns; -- sometimes intended to be occupied by musicians or spectators, sometimes designed merely to increase the capacity of the hall.
  4. A room for the exhibition of works of art; as, a picture gallery; hence, also, a large or important collection of paintings, sculptures, etc.
  5. A working drift or level.
  6. Any communication which is covered overhead as well as at the sides. When prepared for defense, it is a defensive gallery.


impetus, veranda, picture gallery, balcony, drift, salon, trend, upstairs, verandah, public, wing, purport, pander, museum, aim, audience, impulsion, satisfy, exhibit, movement, header, bearing, studio, act, attendance, ham, art gallery, head, heading.

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