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Definition of galvanize:

  1. To affect with galvanism; to subject to the action of electrical currents.
  2. To coat, as iron, with zinc. See Galvanized iron.
  3. To plate, as with gold, silver, etc., by means of electricity.
  4. To restore to consciousness by galvanic action ( as from a state of suspended animation); hence, to stimulate or excite to a factitious animation or activity.


shock, cover, intoxicate, prod, set off, prompt, galvanise, touch off, astonish, provoke, astound, stagger, charge, inflame, titillate, flash mob, shake up, startle, plate, start, stun, jump, turn on, exhilarate, arouse, spring a surprise, pump up, egg on, inspire, trigger, surprise, prick, excite, animate, instigate, stir, amaze, pique, spur, protect, move, work up, electrify.

Usage examples: