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Definition of gambling:

  1. of Gamble


blackjack, looseness, dissipated, baccarat, playing the ponies, play, speculation, shooting crap, caper, nap, indulgent, drama, lottery, manoeuvre, crap-shooting, chuck-farthing, playing period, romp, backing, playing, maneuver, keno, fan-tan, laying money on, betting, roulette, twenty-one, draw poker, frolic, gambol, bid, poker, dramatic play, period of play, sport, playing at hazard, staking, Wellington, spit in the ocean, penny-ante, fun, playing slot machines, seven-up, craps, turn, working the machines, gaming, bingo, card-playing, stud poker, Napoleon, sporting, straight poker, backing the cards, free rein, strip poker, shimmer, faro, swordplay, rolling bones, plunging, lotto, matching, casino, gin rummy, newmarket, child's play, taking a flier, taking a shot, sports betting, action.

Usage examples: