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Definition of gamy:

  1. Having the flavor of game, esp. of game kept uncooked till near the condition of tainting; high- flavored.
  2. Showing an unyielding spirit to the last; plucky; furnishing sport; as, a gamy trout.


feisty, in high spirits, drab, tainted, piquant, blueish, dispirited, blue-blooded, coarse-grained, mettlesome, sorry, dark, zesty, savory, blasphemous, blue, bawdy, downcast, risque, off, spirited, dingy, fat, drear, spicy, voluptuous, mealy, down in the mouth, full-bodied, granular, profane, rich, low-spirited, buttery, robust, off-color, dismal, fearless, fruity, bouncy, dreary, cheesy, gamey, luscious, grainy, puritanical, mellow, patrician, lewd, floury, salty, chocolate, depressed, spunky, down, lively, puritanic, halting, high, toothsome, game, chalky, halt, ribald, racy, high-pitched, hot, plucky, granulose, grim, flowery, naughty, crippled, peppy, courageous, rotten, enlivened, gloomy, disconsolate, red-hot, savoury, chocolatey, eminent, low, gimpy, lame, downhearted, juicy, aristocratical, strong, fishy, malodorous, bluish, aristocratic, sexy, gentle, bouncing, brave, tangy, gritty, farinaceous, zippy.

Usage examples: