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Definition of gap:

  1. An opening in anything made by breaking or parting; as, a gap in a fence; an opening for a passage or entrance; an opening which implies a breach or defect; a vacant space or time; a hiatus; a mountain pass.
  2. The vertical distance between two superposed surfaces, esp. in a biplane.
  3. To make an opening in; to breach.
  4. To notch, as a sword or knife.


open frame, col, infinity, severance, spreadhead, spread, variety, breakage, chess opening, shot, pause, break of serve, bed cover, fissure, couloir, contradiction, difference, hurly burly, escarpment, canyon, counterpane, wisecrack, lull, incongruity, geological fault, flume, prison-breaking, hoo-ha, brae, clearance, kerfuffle, fault, open, opening move, pass, scissure, no-show, contrast, interim, distinction, bedspread, gaolbreak, perturbation, offend, whirl, divide, rent, initiative, the brow, chap, curtain raising, paste, interlude, disturbance, respite, a world of difference, quip, gulch, snap, spreading, fracture, scatter, crag, crack, offer, crack cocaine, hiccup, spread head, time out, footprint, transgress, hatchway, cranny, defile, breakout, go against, interregnum, faulting, to-do, way, variation, gorge, opening, gill, crown, elbow room, disruption, cap, break, falling out, possible action, feast, halt, crest, missing person, headroom, parenthesis, infract, gully, missing link, hoo-hah, hollow, go, lacuna, discrepance, void, continue, agree, perforation, discrepancy, recess, linn, opening night, delay, flutter, inconsistency, bed covering, cattle farm, ranch, saddle, cattle ranch, cracking, bedcover, absentee, first step, commotion, happy chance, disparity, passageway, jailbreak, fling, air pocket, possibility, tornado, violate, collision, separation, dislocation, porta, breaking, cairn, shift, interspace, distance, incompatibility, rupture, banquet, passage, prisonbreak, disagreement, suspension, facing pages, breach, vacuum, cooling-off period, diversity, good luck, kloof, brink, divergence, expanse, interstice, scuttle, intermission, interruption, sally.

Usage examples: