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Definition of garb:

  1. A sheaf of grain ( wheat, unless otherwise specified).
  2. Clothing in general.
  3. Costume; fashion; as, the garb of a gentleman in the 16th century.
  4. External appearance, as expressive of the feelings or character; looks; fashion or manner, as of speech.
  5. The whole dress or suit of clothes worn by any person, especially when indicating rank or office; as, the garb of a clergyman or a judge.
  6. To clothe; array; deck.


get dressed, garments, coif, apparel, garment, plume, drape, wearing apparel, garnish, fit out, habiliment, uniform, cut back, attire, adorn, dress out, snip, clip, habiliments, dress, do, vestments, form, lop, coiffure, guise, habilitate, robes, set, equip, line up, groom, put on, getup, arrange, appearance, enclothe, semblance, primp, preen, turnout, coiffe, prune, dress up, fit, crop, curry, rig, tog, raiment, trim, decorate, clothe, invest.

Usage examples: