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Definition of garden:

  1. A piece of ground appropriated to the cultivation of herbs, fruits, flowers, or vegetables.
  2. A rich, well- cultivated spot or tract of country.
  3. To cultivate as a garden.
  4. To lay out or cultivate a garden; to labor in a garden; to practice horticulture.


usual, commonplace, water garden, good, undistinguished, run-of-the-mill, bed, Japanese garden, average, garden spot, arboretum, rose garden, hotbed, enclosure, unremarkable, cottage garden, backyard, cultivated area, standard, herb garden, English garden, stock, routine, botanical garden, conservatory, Victory garden, plain, rock garden, kitchen garden, truck garden, formulaic, field, border, oasis, patio, floating garden, terrace, garden-variety, desert garden, common, formal garden, cut-and-dried, ordinary, hanging garden, nursery, cactus garden, mediocre, flower garden, unexceptional, plot, cold frame, indifferent, greenhouse.

Usage examples: