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Definition of gathering:

  1. A charitable contribution; a collection.
  2. A crowd; an assembly; a congregation.
  3. A tumor or boil suppurated or maturated; an abscess.
  4. Assembling; collecting; used for gathering or concentrating.
  5. of Gather
  6. That which is gathered, collected, or brought together
  7. The act of collecting or bringing together.


conference, senate, crew, entertainment, union, huddle, concentration, throng, convocation, collocation, meeting place, collection, combination, discussion, herd, congress, exponential, collect, gang, congress, caravan, council of war, press, congregation, declining, gemote, queue, muster, convention, coven, convergence, acquisition, host, get-together, troop, fourfold, accretion, mob, crush, concourse, levy, conflux, get-together, legislature, parley, down, synod, aggregation, function, moot, parliament, age group, confluence, mobilization, vestry, accumulative, attendance, council meeting, array, mass, meet, troop, galaxy, pileup, swarm, horde, retrieval, hookup, house, ingathering, society, amassment, junction, reunion, conventicle, audience, crowd, intensifying, witenagemot, round-up, congeries, panel, party, rout, flock, busload, gathering of the clans, circle, caucus, confab, band, bunch, forgathering, group, constellation, eisteddfod, fabrication, multitude, body, council, bull session, club, mass, lodgment, school, conclave, committee, diet, company, association, thickening, social gathering, assemblage, muster, reception, accumulation, graduated, cumulus, bevy, powwow, recovery, folkmoot, growing, connect, junction, interchange, body, gather, turnout, posse, exponential, drove, capture, depleted, assembly, deepening, cumulation.

Usage examples: