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Definition of gauge:

  1. A measure; a standard of measure; an instrument to determine dimensions, distance, or capacity; a standard.
  2. Any instrument for ascertaining or regulating the dimensions or forms of things; a templet or template; as, a button maker's gauge.
  3. Any instrument or apparatus for measuring the state of a phenomenon, or for ascertaining its numerical elements at any moment; - usually applied to some particular instrument; as, a rain gauge; a steam gauge.
  4. Measure; dimensions; estimate.
  5. Relative positions of two or more vessels with reference to the wind; as, a vessel has the weather gauge of another when on the windward side of it, and the lee gauge when on the lee side of it.
  6. That part of a shingle, slate, or tile, which is exposed to the weather, when laid; also, one course of such shingles, slates, or tiles.
  7. The depth to which a vessel sinks in the water.
  8. The distance between the rails of a railway.
  9. The quantity of plaster of Paris used with common plaster to accelerate its setting.
  10. To draw into equidistant gathers by running a thread through it, as cloth or a garment.
  11. To measure or determine with a gauge.
  12. To measure or to ascertain the contents or the capacity of, as of a pipe, barrel, or keg.
  13. To measure the capacity, character, or ability of; to estimate; to judge of.
  14. To measure the dimensions of, or to test the accuracy of the form of, as of a part of a gunlock.


span, mete, girth, chamber, calibre, grindstone, label, criterion, jackhammer, bore-hole, make, test, green goddess, baseline, dope, imagine, length, gas turbine, guess, adjudicate, concrete mixer, put, sens, smoke, come close, standard, assay, spread, quality assurance, forge, weed, benchmark, clip, bore, big, drill hole, overestimate, call, standard of measurement, branch line, try, forecast, opine, pronounce, measure out, usual, place, baggage room, sound, air pump, hammer, backhoe, the Channel Tunnel, approximate, bayonet, grass, rating, clock, pass judgment, locoweed, feeder, hazard, buffer, cutting, flame thrower, connection, underestimate, par, artery, dullard, put two and two together, touchstone, caliber, pretend, pot, eagre, sess, venture, width, conjecture, read between the lines, size up, valuate, judge, quality, fit out, aegir, gage, thickness, breadth, barrel, butt, estimate, skunk, mark, pace out, extension, count on, cement mixer, eager, depth, register, tidal bore.

Usage examples: