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Definition of geld:

  1. Money; tribute; compensation; ransom.
  2. To castrate; to emasculate.
  3. To deprive of anything essential.
  4. To deprive of anything exceptionable; as, to geld a book, or a story; to expurgate.


issue, trim down, cut down, prune, fix, contract, unsex, disregard, reduce, sheer, alter, make out, abbreviate, veer, swerve, edit, thin, cut back, curve, skip, dilute, trend, burn, switch off, turn off, snub, ignore, write out, cut off, tailor, trim back, rationalize, bring down, rationalise, slew, turn out, edit out, slue, thin out, rich, foreshorten, reproduction, hack, abridge, trim, shorten, neuter.

Usage examples: