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Definition of generate:

  1. To beget; to procreate; to propagate; to produce ( a being similar to the parent); to engender; as, every animal generates its own species.
  2. To cause to be; to bring into life.
  3. To originate, especially by a vital or chemical process; to produce; to cause.
  4. To trace out, as a line, figure, or solid, by the motion of a point or a magnitude of inferior order.


depict, bring, present, set off, gravel, cede, interpret, catch, convey, rouse, give in, break, get back, succumb, arrest, retrovert, abort, chip in, picture, have, lead to, baffle, spawn, arouse, stimulate, get down, sustain, mystify, ignite, nonplus, get under one's skin, decode, deliver, devote, stir, reelect, buzz off, acquire, fuss, bring back, vex, provide, give off, commit, contract, consecrate, regress, crash, boot, get, fall in, affect, scram, set out, come, set about, sacrifice, beget, start out, amaze, corrupt, flummox, hand over, suffer, fork out, give back, afford, fetch, move over, give, issue from, find, receive, realize, grant, arrive, emulate, fall, result in, pay off, close, devolve, open, touch, establish, buffer, ease up, dedicate, perplex, show, net, trigger, turn over, pass on, draw, bring on, send out, ingenerate, draw on, retort, touch off, bring forth, give way, incur, soften, try, spill, pay back, hark back, give out, stupefy, overprotect, puzzle, concede, stick, bugger off, furnish, repay, aim, come back, grow, render, experience, awaken, kin, founder, pay, start off, hold, engender, yield, occasion, emit, return, dumbfound, take, turn in, obtain, beam, take back, rejoin, fork over, stream, beat, feed, kick in, buckle under, go, catalyze, prompt, supply, result, revert, collapse, fork up, cave in, apply, father, hand, discharge, contribute, knuckle under, sire, effectuate, relent, translate, riposte, bewilder, get together, recall, reach, do, bear, secure, capture, leave, let, refund, throw, gift, pass, mother, work, submit, impart, fix, gross, turn back, invoke, pose, become, display.

Usage examples: