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Definition of german:

  1. A native or one of the people of Germany.
  2. A round dance, often with a waltz movement, abounding in capriciosly involved figures.
  3. A social party at which the german is danced.
  4. Nearly related; closely akin.
  5. The German language.
  6. The language.


Aboriginal, Germanic, Afghanistani, Rhenish, Saxon, Canadian, Anglo-Saxon, Alaska Native, Anglo, German language, Asiatic, Teutonic, Prussian, British, Deutsch, Arab, Franconian, African, Australian, High German, African-Caribbean, Bavarian, American, Swabian, Arabism, Thuringian, Aborigine, systematic, Belgian, thorough, allophone, Hanoverian, Afrikaner, Asian, Afro-Caribbean, Afghan.

Usage examples: