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Definition of get down:

Synonyms for get down:

contract, compose, oppress, bring down, beat, raze, unsay, acquire, inflict, go, bring forth, convey, sustain, arrest, illuminate, hop out, upset yourself, enter, gravel, pay off, devastate, debase, grow, bug out, sire, array, initiate, drop off, set down, send, trip, fall, start, cut down, double over, obtain, fix, descend, cut back, set off, lay out, pine, baffle, weigh down, demoralise, upset, stimulate, transcribe, land, bulge out, disturb, ache, cast down, distress, stupefy, drop, perch, misdirect, flummox, part, catch, depart, vitiate, pervert, produce, find, jump, buzz off, aim, develop, overthrow, put pen to paper, bugger off, hang over, originate, undertake, touch, let, amaze, reduce, experience, fire up, disembark, father, pose, write down, go about, crouch, bury, incur, beget, protrude, degrade, impose, start out, expense, commence, level, suffer, sadden, wound, stab, live with, arrive, write off, lower, draw, startle, come, frown, take up, lead off, put down, escape, vex, press down, have, get off, pop, come out, glower, light up, mother, crook, come down, attempt, disgrace, discharge, scram, approach, dumbfound, bestride, induce, range, overturn, depress, bulge, receive, generate, dash, engender, alight, ignite, manage, subvert, burrow, trim, appal, bum, trip out, take, illumine, place down, dispirit, regret, turn down, pay back, trim down, take back, accept, start up, deject, crane, let down, dismay, destroy, trim back, eat up, set about, unload, get under one's skin, grieve, demean, visit, write, burden, unhorse, alarm, get out, pop out, lay, rase, corrupt, drive, bow, try, ingest, record, nonplus, puzzle, demoralize, taste, swallow, pull down, illume, profane, get, fetch, worry, bend, take down, stick, disappoint, dismount, commit something to paper/writing, debauch, appall, dismantle, send off, set out, take off, get by, cause, set forth, bring, get going, mystify, light, cut, mourn, sink, withdraw, cower, begin, turn on, debark, copy down, bewilder, mail, get away, perplex, feel sorry for someone, consume, make, immerse, deprave, eat, repose, note, balance, capture, down, horrify, become, swallow up, embark on, lour, tear down.