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Definition of get up:

  1. General composition or structure; manner in which the parts of a thing are combined; make- up; style of dress, etc.


go up, window-dress, tog up, resurrect, bard, recruit, overdress, ascend, surface, nurture, mastermind, put up, leaven, hold water, grow, wad, name, raise, unionize, wax, mention, airlift, costume, levy, swot, originate, machinate, place upright, hold up, invoke, parent, plagiarize, farm, chuck out, fire, kick upstairs, thrum, gussy up, cite, caparison, forge, build, face-lift, cook, splay, sneak, turn up, trick up, cabbage, call forth, stick up, fix, direct, rise up, come up, elicit, advert, heighten, swot up, jump, turn out, work out, gear up, stand, fig up, bone up, complot, hoist, climb, dress, engineer, produce, beat, bone, nobble, devise, lift, mug up, ready, trick out, move up, build up, conjure, prove, boot, barde, call down, turn off, rustle, ram, kindle, pinch, reverse, rebel, rig out, rescind, rotate, drum, pilfer, dress up, mount, purloin, put forward, arise, bear, switch off, rise, refer, come out, coordinate, countermand, cut, bob up, train, organize, arouse, educate, rear, bristle, ramp up, advance, elevate, spread out, upraise, enkindle, develop, get, debone, contrive, uprise, upgrade, jampack, revoke, reboot, bring up, wind, filch, turf out, stand up, spring up, deck out, plagiarise, orchestrate, fancy up, snarf, vacate, promote, exclude, prink, annul, invent, stir, repeal, tog out, enhance, evoke, provoke, prepare, fig out, work up, erect, set up, groom, conspire, unionise, attire, hook, abstract, deck up, chock up, jam, boot out, form, cabal, progress, overclothe, conjure up, formulate, set, eject, swipe, make, climb up, excogitate, organise, overturn, grind away, cram.