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Definition of gib:

  1. A male cat; a tomcat.
  2. A piece or slip of metal or wood, notched or otherwise, in a machine or structure, to hold other parts in place or bind them together, or to afford a bearing surface; - usually held or adjusted by means of a wedge, key, or screw.
  3. To act like a cat.
  4. To balk. See Jib, v. i.
  5. To secure or fasten with a gib, or gibs; to provide with a gib, or gibs.


gigabit, gramme, gravitational constant, deoxyguanosine monophosphate, gm, yard, one thousand, g-force, constant of gravitation, grand, thousand, gee, gigabyte, chiliad, gibibyte, sarin, guanine, thou, gram, gilbert.

Usage examples: