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Definition of gibber:

  1. A balky horse.
  2. To speak rapidly and inarticulately.


confab, prate, natter, clack, mussitate, brattle, cluck, let the cat out of the bag, clatter, tittle-tattle, gibberish, cajole, chit-chat, chitchat, prattle, spill the beans, wheedle, claver, jaw, mumble, peach, blather, chew the fat, visit, blab, confabulate, piffle, chatter, palaver, click, babble, chaffer, gabble, sing, tattle, blabber, maunder, inveigle, twaddle, claver, chat, blab out, gossip, mutter, shoot the breeze, talk, sweet-talk, words, blarney, coax, jabber, babble out.

Usage examples: