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Definition of gibe:

  1. An expression of sarcastic scorn; a sarcastic jest; a scoff; a taunt; a sneer.
  2. To cast reproaches and sneering expressions; to rail; to utter taunting, sarcastic words; to flout; to fleer; to scoff.
  3. To reproach with contemptuous words; to deride; to scoff at; to mock.


discipline, break, play off, archeological site, checker, ascertain, oppose, twin, laughter, gybe, equal, see, add together, determine, tote up, control, exhort, tally, cope with, dick, equate, pellet, stab, cock, match, chalk up, check out, injection, summate, fit, jibe, sweep, equalize, curb, delay, find out, urge on, shaft of light, outfit, pep up, sum up, shot, consort, scout, equalise, snap, mate, arrest, score, mark, check into, look into, turn back, condition, add up, irradiation, dead reckoning, hold in, insure, go over, rotating shaft, mark off, slam, prick, rack up, couple, crack, pit, add, represent, harmonise, scoff, fit out, poke fun at, check, harmonize, putz, tick, flout, hold, spear, root on, respect, correspond, beam, blastoff, barb, quill, concur, suit, light beam, change course, stand for, accord, guessing, tool, digging, peter, hold back, assure, moderate, tick off, snapshot, check up on, excavation, go, conform to, rival, contain, beam of light, shooter, concord, barrack, tot up, train, urge, ensure, twit, fling, laugh, ray, learn, watch, lance, see to it, touch, dig, chequer, shaft, cheer, agree, pair, stroke, calamus, fit in, pecker, jeer, check over, retard, hit, diaphysis, scape, equip, sum, accommodate, total, ray of light, check off, shooting, guesswork, guess, jab, tot, jib, suss out, stop, scene, inspire, meet, quiz.

Usage examples: