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Definition of gilded:

  1. of Gild


howling, rattling, noble-minded, loud, lucky, princely, wondrous, magisterial, flashy, chromatic, tatty, marvelous, marvellous, fantastic, halcyon, sumptuous, distinguished, high-minded, elevated, lordly, prosperous, rarified, gold, metallic, flash, insincere, imposing, specious, grand, cheap, trashy, voluptuary, tremendous, sybaritic, gimcrack, gilt, fortunate, aureate, terrific, wonderful, spurious, voluptuous, brassy, golden, metal, high-flown, rarefied, opulent, idealistic, tacky, luxuriant, exalted, deluxe, meretricious, sublime, favourable, august, expansive, luxe, tawdry, epicurean, rich, favorable, gaudy, garish, de luxe, luxurious, heroic.

Usage examples: