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Definition of ginger:

  1. A plant of the genus Zingiber, of the East and West Indies. The species most known is Z. officinale.
  2. The hot and spicy rootstock of Zingiber officinale, which is much used in cookery and in medicine.


pep, juice, fishy, coloured, pertness, fruity, vivacity, vivaciousness, drive, cayenne pepper, flowery, energy, brio, powdered ginger, animation, action, sap, snap, gingerroot, life, moxie, bounce, bay leaf, bouquet garni, chocolate, vigor, buttery, basil, go, hardihood, beans, spirit, gas, punch, vitality, liveliness, blond, chalky, zip, LAN, gusto, oomph, vim, aniseed, colored, cheesy, floury, in color, chocolatey, fair, dash, gamey, brunette, gingery, get-up-and-go, dark, starch, black pepper, zing, verve, sparkle, caraway, cardamom, peppiness, borage, esprit, dynamism, fair-haired, flaxen, auburn, colorful.

Usage examples: