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Definition of girl:

  1. A female child, from birth to the age of puberty; a young maiden.
  2. A female servant; a maidservant.
  3. A roebuck two years old.
  4. A young person of either sex; a child.


broad, sheila &amp, housewife, adolescent, servant, womenfolk, lover, kids, gal, teenager, womankind, inamorata, nymph, female child, damsel, child prodigy, girlfriend, lady friend, bairn, help, daughter, maiden, issue, minx, hind, bastard, duck, imp, misfire, old lady, demoiselle, sunshine, ladylove, fille, miss, ma'am, niece, ewe, mother's boy, girls, New Zealand, madam, firstborn, filly, young lady, hen, the fair sex, boomerang kid, jenny, cow, tomboy, working girl, sweetheart, bird, lassie, bitch, little girl, kitten, missy, waitress, sister, pigeon, skirt, cherub, maid, babe, gill, dam, doe, nephew, young woman.

Usage examples: