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Definition of Git:

  1. See Geat.


half-wit, nut, gage, goose, blackleg, grass, skunk, prat, cuckoo, stern, berk, do-nothing, ninny, dope, hind end, buns, rotter, so-and-so, nutcase, seat, yo-yo, fundament, green goddess, public enemy number one, vomit, dingbat, rear end, lemon, sens, doofus, ninnyhammer, can, crumb, tooshie, pot, smoke, derriere, ding-a-ling, shutout, idler, dipstick, vomitus, horror, behind, loudmouth, (the) scum of the earth, puke, jackass, barf, yob, nit, hindquarters, rear, nincompoop, ass, fanny, rat, weed, ding-dong, mooncalf, public nuisance, stinker, hobo, loafer, charlie, posterior, buttocks, dirty dog, tramp, scum bag, scab, bum, lunatic, arse, butt, polecat, nitwit, bottom, simpleton, backside, nates, featherhead, keister, rump, stinkpot, tail, squealer, blabber, simp, musk turtle, informer, sess, vermin, booby, layabout, turkey, locoweed, creep, strikebreaker, lowlife, tail end, betrayer, know-all, tush, wood pussy.

Usage examples: