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Definition of give out:

Synonyms for give out:

start, go off, drop dead, kick downstairs, hand out, perish, divulge, collapse, blazon, proceed, lose it, interrupt, come to an end, blare, exude, move, decease, betray, blaze, placard, circularise, generate, run low, pass, reveal, cave in, give off, fall in, decompose, conk out, neglect, terminate, violate, snuff it, operate, conk, snap off, flunk, die out, give away, dole, give, go, fit, separate, circularize, come apart, yield, irradiate, damp, die, bust, discontinue, bolt, dissect, give notice, become flat, offend, crack, buy the farm, swoon, spoil, intermit, give way, discover, break up, tumble, broadcast, annunciate, send, contribute, state, let on, cut out, faint, kick the bucket, release, demote, vent, flush it, announce, crumble, issue from, locomote, belong, spread, work, disclose, fall apart, pass on, spread abroad, travel, better, beetle off, choke, zonk out, stagger, publicize, dry up, parcel out, expose, bring out, break, relegate, enunciate, develop, crush, hold out, utter, go down, disperse, stream, poop out, communicate, snap, run off, peter out, make known, blend in, post, break in, exit, bomb, cash in one's chips, throw out, burst, dampen, publish, promulgate, let out, burn out, propound, plump, run short, bolt out, hand, pause, pass away, wear, split, pall, soften, disseminate, diffuse, unwrap, distribute, go against, propagate, advertise, survive, run, close, founder, split up, beam, spill, take apart, depart, ease up, tire, analyze, draw to a close/an end, break dance, break down, trumpet, shell out, rifle, erupt, sound, tell, analyse, smash, drain, send out, cast, break away, weaken, fail, emanate, present, recrudesce, become, pop off, check, crash, last, go bad, break out, fracture, get going, expend, go away, shut off, expire, lavish, hold up, let loose, expel, black out, lot, breach, circulate, run out, give-up the ghost, mete out, stop, say, evolve, radiate, notify, run down, croak, pass around, infract, smell, shoot, part with, bankrupt, administer, bump, get around, live, get, go wrong, deal, issue, dole out, hand over, flash, ruin, dish out, wear out, break off, live on, exhale, emit, transgress, report, stall, help, blend, breathe, proclaim, pass off, dispense, pass out, get out, endure, miscarry, crumple, move over, discharge, deal out, declare, part, allot, herald, extend, lead, function.