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Definition of gladly:

  1. Preferably; by choice.
  2. With pleasure; joyfully; cheerfully; eagerly.


happily, transportedly, rapturously, lovingly, merrily, yea, affirm, pleasantly, delightfully, all right, with delight, pleasurably, pleasingly, complacently, genially, yes, beatifically, gratefully, blissfully, joyfully, readily, sweetly, indubitably, unquestionably, delightedly, right on, jocundly, yep, gaily, acquiescently, with pleasure, zealously, with relish, with active support, felicitously, aye, ecstatically, agreed, with full approval, absolutely, warmly, zestfully, lief, OK, undoubtedly, gloatingly, seraphically, willingly, heartily, with deep satisfaction, passionately, cheerfully, assuredly, uh-huh, willingly, cordially, fain, cheerily, paradisiacally, with full agreement, blithely, yeah, contentedly, enthusiastically, enchantedly, ardently, Roger, gleefully.

Usage examples: