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Definition of glare:

  1. A bright, dazzling light; splendor that dazzles the eyes; a confusing and bewildering light.
  2. A fierce, piercing look or stare.
  3. A smooth, bright, glassy surface; as, a glare of ice.
  4. A viscous, transparent substance. See Glair.
  5. Smooth and bright or translucent; - used almost exclusively of ice; as, skating on glare ice.
  6. To be bright and intense, as certain colors; to be ostentatiously splendid or gay.
  7. To look with fierce, piercing eyes; to stare earnestly, angrily, or fiercely.
  8. To shine with a bright, dazzling light.
  9. To shoot out, or emit, as a dazzling light.


hell, twinkle, gleam, incandescence, dazzle, flash, stick out, glistening, lour, lower, brightness, illumination, blazing, brilliance, shimmer, glistering, sparkle, genius, flicker, magnificence, glimmer, splendour, flare, shine, twinkling, sheen, grandness, glower, gleaming, shining, spotlight, limelight, flame, light, public eye, blaze, glitter, scintillation, splendor, stand out, glow, beat down, grandeur, calcium light, spot, luster, express.

Usage examples: