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Definition of go around:

Synonyms for go around:

circularize, disperse, pass on, disseminate, see, get out, open, orb, broadcast, circulate, come over, call, accord, roll, circle, don't you dare, scatter, too many cooks (spoil the broth), treat, develop, cause, infect, revert to, circularise, scoop, twirl, overshoot, if I were you, hang around with, bypass, compensate, revolve, carry, end in tears, propagate, mix, conform, transmit, distribute, associate with, spread out, mobilise, watch it, call on, enough, wave-off, visit, pass around, look in, fan out, go, short-circuit, break, sufficient, behave, swing by, swirl, get about, trump, pay someone/something a visit/call, look out, circumvolve, turn out, discipline yourself, give, spin, socialize, drop by, be your normal self, whirl, plenty, you can't be too careful, conduct yourself, orbit, best, I'm all set, outdo, beware, overspread, pal around, just enough, ample, look before you leap, communicate, turn, diffuse, know, it's a good idea to do something, mobilize, short, steer a course, spread, rotate, unfold, splay, outflank, swing, get along, get around.