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Definition of go off:

Synonyms for go off:

give the axe, scarper, have/throw a fit, exculpate, march, explode, seethe, sally, free, molder, make off, book, exonerate, burn, spiral, elicit, abominate, drive out, skip, go, get off, decompose, loathe, come, pop, erupt, check over, get, drop, decline, muster out, move on, worsen, proceed, give the sack, fall over, fall silent, progress, run along, bug out, take off, force out, pike, deepen, give notice, terminate, put down, drive away, leave, sleep, despise, let rip, peel off, bear, go along, descend into, pass, push on, blaze, cut out, come off, fail, pace, fester, pan out, clear, detonate, vamoose, recoil, misfire, bug off, fall into place, can, someone can't stand someone/something, slip into, bugger off, burn down, open fire, swell, doze, pull out, clear out, gobble, amplify, acquit, hate, break off, push off, drowse, raise, flare, turn back, putrefy, burst, assoil, break away, buzz, check into, do, shut off, survey, dismiss, deteriorate, give vent to, play out, suss out, fare, echo, unload, abandon, clear off, run off, evoke, run, drop off, release, xerox, deplore, get away, sack, elope, discharge, fire, run down, detest, abscond, pass off, provoke, fade, dispatch, bail, check, dig out, empty, come along, stop, curdle, draw out, beetle off, go over, break down, bolt out, fuel, decay, enkindle, dislike, abhor, check out, storm, go down, go away, fume, review, blow up, expel, chip off, drift off, mold, send away, look into, drive off, exhaust, photocopy, come away, decamp, shove, nap, part, bolt, arouse, chip, advance, perish, degenerate, reverberate, biodegrade, happen, bail out, exit, let off/blow off steam, check up on, move, deafen, dispel, break camp, go to sleep, rise, escalate, blow, depart, break, forge, crump, waste, begone, step, eject, implode, detach, get on, ring, absquatulate, displace, burn out, walk out, quit, complete, doze off, chase away, snooze, set down, run out, get along, pack, kindle, befall.