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Definition of go on:

Synonyms for go on:

move up, go past, go forward, bah, hold on, pass along, you could have fooled me, stay the course, croak, proceed, cash in one's chips, begin, advance, pass around, authorise, drug, the passage of time, get out, keep, occur, promote, boost, top, upgrade, go through, chop down, cope, branch out, hap, start, operate, overhaul, maunder, get hold, uprise, further, execute, conduct, ascend, legislate, fleet, into operation, blank, lead, front, be to do something, gain ground, bobble, deny, happen, rise up, come near, turn up, move, give something a try, hold, go, wear on, come about, come down, march on, rise, a likely story, hold open, bleep out, turn over, go by, set ahead, materialise, glide by, clear, get ahead, start on, approach, come along, edit, conceptualize, entertain, strike out, kick upstairs, draw close, open, barely, my ass, surpass, emcee, snuff it, conceive, rattle, chance, drop dead, spend, maintain, bob up, muster up, cook, don't hesitate to do something, play along, drug up, someone would be well advised to do something, overtake, draw, head, break with, take up, administer, blather, pull ahead, encourage, authorize, discourse on/upon, scratch, time flies, draw near, passing, extend, dose, almost, tell me another (one), submit, transcend, run, go on about, reach, arise, observe, pass on, appraise, show up, dispense, forge ahead, try your hand at something, pass off, breathe, raise, change direction/course, pass by, change over, hold forth, scrape, keep on, supercharge, devolve, call, build up, emit, don't give me that, take place, walk on, bechance, stay fresh, rally, hand back, save, carry on, dive in, bring forward, stay on, bring up, relegate, babble, come, keep back, uphold, bear on, extemporize, come off, press ahead, creep by, arrive, function, talk, get around to, cover, preserve, debut, progress, overstep, slip away, blow over, bring in, elevate, follow through, hardly, go to, guide, come up with, line up, die, make it, conk, tick away, work up, press, pass away, intervene, come to pass, return, scarcely, come on, prevent, work, administration, come out, measure, scrape up, lift, pass, all but, give, near, sample, conjure, infer, make headway, betide, judge, pop off, hold back, no way, shoot, summon, travel by, appear, excrete, circulate, egest, dope, fade, keep open, transpire, anchor, befall, set about, well-nigh, get on, come up, guest, leave, shape up, play, continue, be, lapse, make pass, draw a conclusion/an inference, follow, build, impart, I wish, buy the farm, distribute, act up, speak, drone on, throw in, hit on, hand, block, do, perish, throw out, add, celebrate, sink, act, ramble on, amuse, muster, give-up the ghost, bump, take over, come, come/come now, fall out, elapse, find your tongue, put across, kick the bucket, deal, yeah, right, communicate, stay, chatter, close, go up, go for it, dive, run on, expire, behave, unfold, get along, retain, decease, get down to, edit out, win, want, sustain, go across, break your silence, sum up, gain, exceed, cut in, fall, restrain, go on (the) TV/radio, evanesce, (do you) understand?, persist in, talk away, flow, find, exit, turn your hand to something, go down, surface, nearly, choke, materialize, slide by, eliminate, practically, encounter, that'll be the day, go along, slip by, move on, converse.