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Definition of go out:

  1. A sluice in embankments against the sea, for letting out the land waters, when the tide is out.


catch, allow, run across, fancy, walk out, take care, determine, pull, pick up, commute, go, strike, come across, picket, exit, show, escort, shade, cease, visualize, pass on, examine, progress, die, cooling-off period, beam, lead, implode, pull out, consider, dally with, cave, percolate, dying, experience, go down, realise, attend, get out, regard, cohabit, surrender, love, take in, go together, get a line, enjoy, hobnob, snuff it, choke, go steady, depart, burst, bequeath, pass, will, head, kick the bucket, channel, roll over, image, decease, burn out, get away, ride, result, give, croak, concede, obsolete, revel in, assure, project, crumple, founder, transmit, control, ensure, emerge, forget, see to it, old-time, crest, expire, take/find pleasure in (doing) something, walk on, buckle, submit, get off, leave behind, bomb out of, cruise, pop off, cover, primitive, carry on, drink in, dash, low-tech, picture, learn, spread, come in, fraternize, out, reckon, go forth, dated, cast up, come out, go-slow, provide, escape, go in for, get, pass away, date, allow for, come on, bring out, go away, find out, insure, go through, conk, antiquated, yield, press, give-up the ghost, understand, lose, view, flow, take out, hitch, fool around, darken, interpret, watch, pull up stakes, draw, cheat, cash in one's chips, envision, get word, realize, tumble, associate, look, figure, broadcast, grievance procedure, get around, archaic, check, appear, entrust, get by, leak out, collective bargaining, hear, visualise, run, court, industrial action, date stamp, action, find, go out on strike, impart, leave alone, leave, old-fashioned, go with, discover, appease, course, ascertain, move, unlit, step out, deepen, drop dead, have your fun, perish, meet, general strike, screen, mix, encounter, televise, like, visit, construe, mingle, report, delight in, break, run into, see, direct action, buy the farm, witness, get wind, come up, give away, forge ahead, circulate, old-world, burn down, hitchhike, shuttle.