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Definition of go under:

Synonyms for go under:

go by, wane, close, drop down, wind up, slump, swim, slip by, come down, drop, arrange, dip, carry, pass by, set, coiffe, slide down, fructify, black out, elapse, make up, finalize, bury, position, localise, resolve, knock out, sic, lapse, faint, die, settle down, duck, patch up, locate, slide by, submerge, pass out, coif, specify, put, lay out, finalise, localize, pass, decide, settle, splash, lay, slip away, prepare, root, stun, dress, fix, ensconce, fail, set up, jell, determine, mark, decline, fall off, descend, go along, sink, rig, square up, do, fit, surpass, get back, limit, go past, reconcile, travel by, congeal, dunk, liquidate, go down, crash, coiffure, ready, shut down, conciliate, typeset, place, collapse, steady down, fall, adjust, plant, gear up, define, subside, default, go, pose, square off, fold, glide by, nail down, countersink, correct, go out of business, closure, adjudicate, take root.