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Definition of gong:

  1. A flat saucerlike bell, rung by striking it with a small hammer which is connected with it by various mechanical devices; a stationary bell, used to sound calls or alarms; - called also gong bell.
  2. A privy or jakes.
  3. An instrument, first used in the East, made of an alloy of copper and tin, shaped like a disk with upturned rim, and producing, when struck, a harsh and resounding noise.


call, alarm, bell, cymbal, tam-tam, blue ribbon, ship's bell, the all clear, medal, ribbon, gold medal, dinner gong, car alarm, tamtam, foghorn, bronze, doorbell, campana, alarm bell, carillon, Chinese gong, beacon, prize, sounding board, bronze medal, tympanum, drum, fire alarm, kettledrum, chime, cup, signal, alarum, gold, buzzer, toll, burglar alarm, bell shape.

Usage examples: