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Definition of goodwill:

  1. Kind feeling; favour; the benefit of a business in full operation, for which a price may be paid.


saving grace, comradeship, attitude, kind, account, cordiality, neighborliness, good will, gem├╝tlichkeit, togetherness, kindliness, cordialness, friendship, gameness, fraternity, benignity, business, good-fellowship, willingness, grace, beauty parade, Harrods, friendliness, broking, business plan, seemliness, companionship, capacity, camaraderie, gracility, amenability, fellowship, kindheartedness, benignancy, love, cannibalize, kindness, thanksgiving, Fifth Avenue, grace of God, free grace, blessing, state of grace, asset, beneficence, brokerage, book, Savile Row, brotherhood, obligingness, Park Avenue, amity.

Usage examples: