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Definition of government:

  1. Management of the limbs or body.
  2. The act of governing; the exercise of authority; the administration of laws; control; direction; regulation; as, civil, church, or family government.
  3. The body politic governed by one authority; a state; as, the governments of Europe.
  4. The influence of a word in regard to construction, requiring that another word should be in a particular case.
  5. The mode of governing; the system of polity in a state; the established form of law.
  6. The person or persons authorized to administer the laws; the ruling power; the administration.
  7. The right or power of governing; authority.


regime, authorization, influence, establishment, preponderance, presidency, governing, directory, jurisdiction, regimentation, brass, convention, soviet, council, synod, senate, political relation, legislature, governing body, political sympathies, organisation, diet, organization, court, ascendancy, politics, presidential term, predominance, hegemony, cabinet, parliament, polity, regimen, superintendence, assembly, chamber, disposal, governance, congress, convocation, supervision, giving medication, dominion, patronage, political science, over, superiority, regulation, party, ministry, government activity, authorities, prerogative, equity, state, judicature, bureaucracy, statecraft.

Usage examples: