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Definition of gradual:

  1. A series of steps.
  2. A service book containing the musical portions of the Mass.
  3. An antiphon or responsory after the epistle, in the Mass, which was sung on the steps, or while the deacon ascended the steps.
  4. Proceeding by steps or degrees; advancing, step by step, as in ascent or descent or from one state to another; regularly progressive; slow; as, a gradual increase of knowledge; a gradual decline.


drowsy, tardy, sluggish, regular, slack, in small stages, lingering, bit-by-bit, continuous, gradational, sloping, inert, fast, graduated, dawdling, gentle, dull, rise, gradatory, inactive, dilatory, delaying, piecemeal, step-by-step, easy, stepwise, procrastinating, deliberate, slow.

Usage examples: