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Definition of green goddess:

Synonyms for green goddess:

hatful, heater, rat, wad, git, hummer, corporation, dummy, stool, peck, flock, crumb, lowlife, potbelly, tidy sum, gauge, stinkpot, fume, potentiometer, crazy weed, sens, quite a little, pinhead, mickle, potty, pot, throne, good deal, eatage, scum bag, flowerpot, shutout, mountain, rotter, batch, heap, fastball, low-down, mint, so-and-so, sight, mess, the skinny, stack, dirty dog, booby, forage, tummy, skunk, commode, wood pussy, weed, deal, gage, sess, bullet, potful, stinker, dumbbell, plenty, spate, locoweed, polecat, cola, boob, kitty, toilet, puke, pile, bum, muckle, mass, great deal, bay window, raft, grass, crapper, smoke, pasture, supergrass, slew, dope, smoking, pasturage, roll of tobacco, crazyweed, jackpot, mourning band, poop, lot, can, passel.