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Definition of grievance:

  1. A cause of uneasiness and complaint; a wrong done and suffered; that which gives ground for remonstrance or resistance, as arising from injustice, tyranny, etc.; injury.
  2. Grieving; grief; affliction.


moan, beef, unrighteousness, fury, squawk, down, mark, scotch, injury, grouse, mood, fuss, holler, iniquity, bone to pick, whinge, score, injustice, resentment, sexual conquest, wail, kick, grumble, grudge, anger, murmur, temper, asperity, rage, lament, account, grade, irritation, whine, gripe, annoyance, outrage, plaint, happy, kvetch, grouch, bleat, musical score, unfairness, whimper, yammer, wrong, remonstrance, carp, miserere, rant, bitch.

Usage examples: